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The Breathing Circle

A sanctuary for mind/body explorers to gather online and explore

the infinite potential of therapeutic breath and movement in healing our pasts, and shaping

our lives, our world, and our futures


Unlock the Power of Breath for Total Well-Being!

Ready to embark on a transformative journey towards structural, emotional, mental, physiological, and spiritual health?

Join our exclusive breath mastery circle and become the master.

The Breathing Circle is an online course, a supportive membership, and a whole lifestyle change where you become a master at shifting, at will, your emotions, mental clarity, energy, digestion, pain, and more. 

Become the 'active ingredient' 
in your healthcare plan.

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Learn How To...

Manage Your Energy with Movement and Breathing Techniques

Fight fatigue at its source
Relax and get a good night's sleep
Gain true, clean-burning energy that won't let you down

Manage Your Mind/Moods with Breathing Techniques, Meditation, and Subtle Body Philosophy

Lift depression
Get the breath-antibiotics for anxiety, aggravation, anger 
Tend to the gardens of grief

Cope with Conditions Using a Combination of Yogic Practices with Emphasis on Breathing

Insomnia, Fatigue
Chronic pain
Back pain, neck pain

The Online Training

Every level of membership has access to these pre-recorded modules. Each module contains 6 short, easy lessons with movement and breathing practices, journaling prompts, printable PDF workbook sections, self-assessments, supportive lifestyle tip sheets, PDF printable practice calendars, and more!


You can access these online trainings as many times as you want, from anywhere you want, and at any time you want.


Under Construction 

Under Construction
Breathing for Anxeity

Breathing for Anxeity

Watch Now

Preview the Program

Here is a powerful, simple breathing practice that is now known as the "physiological sigh". This practice will create an immediate shift from feeling anxious and overwhelmed to calm and centered.

It's just an example of the many gifts that are waiting for you when you claim your place as the 'active ingredient' in your life! 

The Breathing Circle Offers

"When you see your scars
as sacred..."


Sample Schedule

When you become a VIP member of the breathing circle, you'll get all the above online video lessons, plus regularly scheduled live events. Here's an example schedule:


12:00 pm


Set aside a few minutes for yourself to set a mindful tone for the week ahead. Here is an example.