Davidson Yoga Therapy:

Making peace with the human condition


  • Eliminate/manage your pain/conditions in a polyvagal treatment model
  • Address the 7 pillars of health with the 8 limbs of yoga
  • Become a Healer/Teacher
  • Experience The Safe and Sound Protocol™ of Dr. Stephen Porges, author of the Polyvagal Theory. 
Free 30 Min Practice

It's not yoga. It's yoga therapy! 

Whether you're looking to explore the potential of yoga therapy as a client, a student, or a future professional, you'll get nothing but the highest standards of information and service here. 

Private Yoga Therapy

Back pain, anxiety, neck pain, depression, autoimmune conditions, neurological disorders

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Online Courses

  • Single Classes
  • Yoga teacher CEUs
  • Workshops on anxiety and back pain, autoimmune conditions
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RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training

Learn Adaptive Yoga for Essential Health. This course surpasses the Yoga Alliance standards.
It is a foundational course for yoga as holistic healthcare. Take it online and get certified to teach! 

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RYT 300 Yoga Teacher Training 

This is a live course for sincere yoga teachers with a desire to teach special populations and conditions in a 1-1 or therapeutic group setting. 

Begins Feb 2022

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Safe and Sound Protocol™

Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, author of the polyvagal theory, this passive listening therapy works through the muscles of the inner ear and via bone conduction headphones to relieve anxiety, depression, auditory processing issues, ASD symptoms, PTSD and more. 

Get that carefree spark back for yourself or that child you love! 

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Yoga therapy is not about doing a pose.

Designed around your specific needs, this movement builds your capacity to be guided by your internal sensations.

This intuitive movement is also informed by polyvagal and somatic science, and other physiological and neurophysiological systems that are preventing you from moving freely, breathing fully, and keeping you in pain and emotionally charged. 



Patterns of breathing are central to the work of yoga therapy. 

Much of the movement we do in yoga therapy is about freeing up primary breathing muscles and establishing a regular rhythm. 

The combination of movement and breath increases

  • interoception: your ability to sense internal physical and emotional shifts
  • proprioception: where your body is in space and time
  • neuroception: your body's automatic ability to respond appropriately to environmental signals 



Yoga therapy *may involve prayer, meditation or other spiritual practice, depending on your preference.

Layering this depth of meaning into a movement and breath practice isn't just a good thing to do for your soul, though that may be all the reason you need! It is also scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It increases feelings of security, compassion, and love -  and even slows down the aging process! 

Prayer and meditation of your choosing can permanently change many structures and functions in the brain and alter the way you perceive your reality.

Meet Samantha

With over 30 years of practice, 20K hours of education and experience, and more than 10 years of training professionals. 

Whether you want to manage a current pain or a condition, prevent illness or dive into your deepest self - you can learn to do all of these things using the tools you were born with: your body, breath, and mind. 

Yoga isn't about learning how to do a pose. It's about learning who you are and what is your potential. 

I look forward to learning more about you!


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