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Samantha Leonard, CHC, C-IAYT

Davidson Yoga Therapy

and Health Coaching

"Making peace with the human condition"

Samantha L. Leonard, C-IAYT

I'm an ERYT500, Noom Certified Health Coach, CIAYT, and founder of Davidson Yoga Therapy and Health Coaching. I've worked at Atrium, Levine Cancer Institute, and Sanger Heart Clinic. I've presented for Fortune 500 companies and major Universities, both public and professional audiences, on what this thing called yoga therapy can actually do when it is unpeeled, revealed, and adapted to meet the needs and the abilities of the person doing it. 

You may be thinking "Yoga? I'm not flexible or athletic. I can't do those poses because (insert reason). 


You think that because for the most part, a small, athletic variety of yoga has been popularized in studios and gyms. And frankly, it's just not that accessible to the majority of the population. Nor, is it therapeutic! The fast pace and sequencing of poses can create stress in the joints, in the more vulnerable portions of the spine - and inside the individual who is taking the class when they inevitably feel like they just aren't "good at yoga". 

To anyone with such notions about what yoga is, I will quote my teacher, Gary Kraftsow: "Yoga therapy isn't about getting to know postures. It's about getting to know yourself."


I have amassed almost 40 years of practice, over 26K hours of formal and clinical education, and over 12 years of training yoga, behavioral and allied health professionals in therapeutic yoga, breath, movement, lifestyle, and meditation techniques for conditions from back pain to anxiety, from diabetes to autoimmune disease, from trauma and neurological disorders to long-covid recovery.

Here's what I believe: 


I believe self-care is central to your healthcare and that you are the essential 'active ingredient' on your healthcare team. 

I believe my gift is in my ability to adapt this science to your particular abilities, goals, lifestyles, and preferences in a way that connects deeply. In a way that leads to greater self-awareness, acceptance and positive change.


You have more power than you know to make the changes that will give you a life well-lived. And it's easier than you think! 


I look forward to connecting with you.

I look forward to hearing your story.

I look forward to becoming an advocate on your healthcare team.

Warm regards,


Nice to Meet You!

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My Specializations

I have worked successfully with a wide range of structural, mental/emotional, neurological and chronic conditions. 

This list is the tip of the iceburg! Reach out if you have any questions. 

Sleep Issues





Back Pain, Neck Pain, etc

Pre and Post Op Shoulders, Hips, and Knees

Stress and Trauma




Cardiac Issues


Autoimmune Disorders

Substance Use Disorders

Chronic Pain


Give it a try! 

Here's a sample of what it's like to work with me - and what it's like to do yoga therapy. 

Interesting Fact: Yoga Therapy sessions don't always involve movement.  Sometimes we just talk, breathe or explore meditation, prayer, or lifestyle solutions...

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What Clients Say

I came to Samantha depressed and hopeless after having three years of chronic neck and shoulder pain.  I went through two rounds of physical therapy, had weekly massages, acupuncture, and dry needling with no relief.​

Within three sessions my neck and shoulder pain reduced significantly. I completed my yoga therapy program and have had NO PAIN in 5 weeks!!​

Deanna Pelucio

Serene Forrest

You were born with an innate ability to manage your human conditions.

It's time you learned how to use the gift of your very own body which is home to all your joys and your sorrows.


Learn to move, breathe, and set your intentions to live your fullest, most
meaningful life.

Davidson Yoga Therapy

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