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About Samantha

Samantha is an ERYT500, Noom Certified Health Coach, CIAYT, and founder of Davidson Yoga Therapy and Health Coaching. She has worked at Atrium, Levine Cancer Institute, and Sanger Heart Clinic. She has presented for Fortune 500 companies and major Universities, both public and professional audiences, on what this thing called yoga therapy can actually do when it is unpeeled, revealed, and adapted to meet the needs and the abilities of the person doing it. 


Samantha brings warm-hearted wisdom and humility to her work, believing the answers you seek are inside you. She has always felt a deep call to honor the role suffering plays as a catalyst to personal metamorphosis. 

She aims to empower people from 6 to 99 to trust their inner wisdom, allow new layers of self-compassion to emerge, and achieve positive transformations in their careers, relationships, and overall lives.

About the "Yoga"
Of Yoga Therapy

​You may be thinking "Yoga? I'm not flexible or athletic. I can't do those poses because (insert reason). 


This is because, for the most part, a small, athletic variety of yoga has been popularized in studios and gyms. And frankly, it's just not that accessible to the majority of the population.


Nor, is it therapeutic for most conditions! The fast pace and sequencing of poses can create stress in the joints, in the more vulnerable portions of the spine - and the individual who is taking the class may inevitably feel like they just aren't "good at yoga". 

To anyone with such notions about what yoga is, I will quote my teacher, Gary Kraftsow:


"Yoga therapy isn't about getting to know postures. It's about getting to know yourself."

Yoga Therapy employs a vast selection of tools, techniques, and practices to help you get to the root of your human condition.


Therapeutic movement may be a doorway that works for you. This style of movement might not look like anything you would do in a yoga class... It's more like having a conversation. The body holds tremendous wisdom and we can learn to hear its special language through gentle, inquisitive movement and breathing practices. Informed by physical therapy, somatics, polyvagal theory, trauma science, and yogic spiritual technologies, there are MANY evidence-based body paths to choose from. 

Conversation may be a doorway for you. I feel my role is to be a facilitating witness, observing patterns, connecting dots, and asking questions. I leverage my 30+ years of Yoga Therapist training, with years of study in the fields of Health Coaching, Compassionate Inquiry, and for children - the Neurosequential Model. 

Last - but at all least - you may find great meaning on the paths of mindfulness, faith, and philosophy. My breadth of experience includes interfaith studies, extensive mindfulness training, Jungian psychology, and Pain Reprocessing Therapy.


There are many pathways to healing and self-discovery for you to explore! 


Certified International Association of Yoga Therapists

1500 hours of clinical training and practice through the American Viniyoga Institute and Gary Kraftsow

RYT 200 and RYT 500 American Viniyoga Institute

With Gary Kraftsow

Steven Porges/Polyvagal Institute

Safe and Sound Protocol

Pain Reprocessing Therapy Institute

Pain Reprocessing Therapy

RYT 200 + RYT 200

With Leslie Kaminoff

RYT 200 + RYT 500

With Kristine Kaoverii Weber of Subtle Yoga

Professional Mindfulness

Duke University

Yoga of Cancer Awareness

Duke University

Wisdom of Trauma / Compassionate Inquiry

Gabor Mate

Addiction and Eating Disorders

Giveback Yoga Foundation

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