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About Samantha

I'm an ERYT500, Noom Certified Health Coach, CIAYT, and founder of Davidson Yoga Therapy and Health Coaching. I've worked at Atrium, Levine Cancer Institute, and Sanger Heart Clinic. I've presented for Fortune 500 companies and major Universities, both public and professional audiences, on what this thing called yoga therapy can actually do when it is unpeeled, revealed, and adapted to meet the needs and the abilities of the person doing it. 

You may be thinking "Yoga? I'm not flexible or athletic. I can't do those poses because (insert reason). 


This is because, for the most part, a small, athletic variety of yoga has been popularized in studios and gyms. And frankly, it's just not that accessible to the majority of the population.


Nor, is it therapeutic for most conditions! The fast pace and sequencing of poses can create stress in the joints, in the more vulnerable portions of the spine - and the individual who is taking the class may inevitably feel like they just aren't "good at yoga". 

To anyone with such notions about what yoga is, I will quote my teacher, Gary Kraftsow: "Yoga therapy isn't about getting to know postures. It's about getting to know yourself."


I have amassed almost 40 years of practice, over 30K hours of formal and clinical education, and over 15 years of training yoga, behavioral and allied health professionals in therapeutic yoga, breath, movement, lifestyle, and meditation techniques for conditions from back pain to anxiety, from diabetes to autoimmune disease, from trauma and neurological disorders to long-covid recovery.

Education and Certifications

Certified International Association of Yoga Therapists

1500 hours of clinical training and practice through the American Viniyoga Institute and Gary Kraftsow

RYT 200 and RYT 500 American Viniyoga Institute

With Gary Kraftsow

RYT 200 + RYT 200

With Leslie Kaminoff

RYT 200 + RYT 500

With Kristine Kaoverii Weber of Subtle Yoga

Professional Mindfulness Training

Duke University

Yoga of Cancer Awareness

Duke University

Wisdom of Trauma / Compassionate Inquiry

Gabor Mate

Para Yoga 

Rod Stryker

Personal stories of recovery & hope for a better future with yoga therapy

Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 8.56.53 AM.png

​I came to Davidson Yoga Therapy with knee pain and swelling from years of injury and arthritis, but also with hip and heel pain on the opposite leg, from constant compensation for my bad knee. I was preparing for knee replacement.


I was surprised by how much DYT offered. In our first meeting, Samantha brought awareness to the muscles and positions that I had lost. She taught me breathing techniques, how to adjust my stance, and a series of moves that reduced my hip pain in our first session. ​

While the deterioration of my knee may not be repairable, strengthening the muscles that support it continues to make a difference for me. 

My stance is better, I have greater awareness of how I stand and move which has translated to reduced pain, improved muscle support, improved connection and cooperation between muscle groups and joints, better posture and breathing, greater focus, and improved mental balance. 

Sam’s attention and expertise made me feel safe and cared for and her explanations of the moves and muscles gave me confidence and the ability to visualize the connections across my body. The home practice sheets and videos reinforce the new skills I am striving to make a habit in my life. Workshops help me continue to improve and inspire me to keep working to care for myself.   


~ Veronica W., Cornelius

Update: Veronica had a successful surgery, recovered quickly, and is back to doing the things that she loves! She continues to practice her yoga therapy because of the benefits it continues to provide - strength, stability, stretching, and centering/peace of mind. 

Congratulations, Veronica!

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