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Meet Samantha Leonard

Certified Yoga Therapist

After years of suffering from cyclical depression, PTSD and autoimmune disorders, I discovered that yoga was more than just yoga.


Yoga therapy is a holistic healthcare science that provides healing in many areas of life and helps to find meaning in the areas that can't be healed - but can be managed.


I am  a CIAYT Viniyoga Therapist and have now amassed over 20K hours of education and experience addressing structural, mental/emotional, physiological and neurological conditions.


I am a featured presenter for Fortune 500 corporations, top 10 Universities and Behavioral Health Organizations and I partner with people just like you to craft empowering solutions to your struggles with wholeness and wellness using tools you were born with - your breath, your body and your heart/mind. 


Why Yoga Therapy?

It can help with

Depression / Anxiety

Your body IS your mind and how you breathe affects how you feel. Breathing prescriptions available for adults and teens

Insomnia / Fatigue

Your ability to rest has a direct effect on your overall health. Learn to regulate sleep through breath and movement. Gain a clearer head and heart.

Back Pain

neck, hip, shoulder and knee pain too!

National Institute of Health-studied protocols which alleviate back pain and get you back to functioning! 

Chronic Conditions

Autoimmune disorders, cancers... all have common side symptoms that can be addressed through yoga therapy protocols for fatigue, digestion, elimination, pulmonary and cardiac function. 

Chronic Pain

More effective than opiods and with a lot less risk. 

Highly researched methods for coping with chronic pain and changing neuropathway behaviors

Neurological Conditions

Stroke, ALS, peripheral neuropathy... yoga therapy can help! 

Ask me how



"Samantha is the real deal. It’s refreshing to find someone so humble who possesses this caliber of expertise.


She is a consummate student of yoga. Yet her wisdom invites you in, rather than intimidates. Her practice is rooted in evidence-based methods that help people out of physical and/or emotional pain.


I recommend her to my counseling clients and toga students. I wouldn’t hesitate to call her a preeminent yoga healer in the southeast.


Few practicing yoga therapists have this level of qualification, dedication, compassion and commitment to truly helping people."

- Sarah Faircloth



Online Workshops

Yoga therapy workshops for conditions, CEU trainings for yoga teachers and more!

RYT 200 Program
Learn to Teach Adaptive Yoga for
Essential Well-Being

This is a yoga certification course for current and future yoga professionals geared toward teaching adults with aches, pains and conditions.


"I would go to a class on boiling water if Sam was teaching it"

~ B. Bailey 

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Yoga therapy workshops for conditions, CEU trainings for yoga teachers and more!

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