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Samantha Leonard, CHC, C-IAYT

Davidson Yoga Therapy

and Health Coaching

"Making peace with the human condition"

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Yoga Therapy

Learn With Sam

  • 30 Years of Practice

  • 40K Hours Training/Experience

  • 15 Years of Training Professionals

6 Ways to Start ...


Something for Everyone! 


Free Tip Sheet:

How to Choose the Right Yoga and Teacher

If you are newer to yoga, have conditions such as back pain, anxiety, osteoporosis (and more!), and just aren't sure where to start, I've put together a tip sheet with simplified industry terms, a list of handy questions to ask your potential teacher and some special advice for those of you who are suffering from conditions.  

Yoga Man Namaste

Free FAST Breathing Practice to STOP Anxiety Attacks and Overwhelming Emotions

Are you still teaching/using box breath to manage anxiety? Studies show that box breathing is the least 'doable' breathing pattern for people who have the most anxiety.


Join me to get your EPIPEN of breathing practices - something so simple yet powerful and safe -  you will use it for the rest of your life to reduce panic attack symptoms, and overwhelming emotions.

The hardest part about this practice? Remembering to do it when things get tough. 


Free Classes, Somatics, and

Yoga Therapeuitcs

Start now with your free online membership classes! You'll get immediate access to a growing library of 20 and 30-minute yoga therapy classes for the back, hips, neck, jaw, focus, anxiety, depression and more.


Free Meditation Series:

Mindfulness Unfolding

An 8-part mini-course that builds valuable mindfulness skills that take you from distracted and dissatisfied to focused and content, transformative breath practices that foster courage, promote relaxation and reduce stress, and thaws your stressed-out, locked-up physical holding patterns.


A Medicinal Mind Podcast

It took me ages to find yoga therapy as the thing I've been called to do all my life.Looking back, I can see that the various unrelated paths I've been down and all my trials served to bring me here. In the Medicinal Mind podcast, with Functional Medicine Doctor, Rob Abbot, I share my story. 

Water Purification Treatment

Free Meditation Series:

At Home in the Elements

One of the most profound ways to practice the complex symbol system of the chakras is to meditate on the element of that chakra. 


Join me for a mining expedition where we explore each chakra for its treasures.

What Clients Say

"Samantha is the real deal. 

Few practicing yoga therapists have this level of qualification, dedication, compassion, and

commitment to truly helping others."

Sarah Faircloth

My Specializations

I have worked successfully with a wide range of structural, mental/emotional, neurological, and chronic conditions. 

This list is the tip of the iceberg!


Reach out if you have any questions. 

Sleep Issues





Back Pain, Neck Pain, etc

Pre and Post Op Shoulders, Hips, and Knees

Stress and Trauma




Cardiac Issues


Autoimmune Disorders

Substance Use Disorders

Chronic Pain


Teen Anxiety/Depression


I work with a wide range of ages from 8 to 108 years old!

Serene Forrest


"Practicing yoga therapy makes you the active ingredient in managing, eliminating, and even TRANSCENDING your condition.

It is coming home to yourself and finding peace there.

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