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Transcending Stories

An online journal of 5 star reviews, personal stories, recovery & hope for a better future with Yoga Therapy.

Samantha is the real deal. It’s refreshing to find someone so humble who possesses this caliber of expertise. She is a consummate student of yoga. Yet her wisdom invites you in, rather than intimidates. Her practice is rooted in evidence-based methods that help people out of physical and/or emotional pain. I recommend her to my counseling clients and toga students. I wouldn’t hesitate to call her a preeminent yoga healer in the southeast. Few practicing yoga therapists have this level of qualification, dedication, compassion and commitment to truly helping people. ~ Sarah Faircloth

Leukemia, Bone Marrow Transplant


We continue to share our prayers and celebrate with you, Annette!

Annette is a wife, a mother, and a grandmother of three and was diagnosed a rare form of Leukemia.


Her condition was draining her energy and strength with made everyday tasks uncomfortable and tiresome. Yet Annette was determined to fight back.


Her primary care doctor suggested she start Yoga Therapy with Samantha Leonard at Davidson Yoga Therapy.


In only a few sessions, Annette began to regain her physical, as well as mental strength.


Yoga Therapy has given her back her joy as she is now able to dance with her grandchildren and live her best possible life!

Leukemia, Bone Marrow Transplant
A Tale of Two Shoulders

I came to Samantha depressed and hopeless after having three years of chronic neck and shoulder pain.  I went through two rounds of physical therapy, had weekly massages, acupuncture and dry needling with no relief. 

I started going to yoga classes on the recommendation of a close friend.  These yoga classes did help relieve some of my pain. 

But then I saw Samantha's website and thought since yoga had helped my pain somewhat that Yoga Therapy might also help me.  After the third yoga therapy session my neck and shoulder pain had reduced significantly. 


I am now half way way done with my program and everyday I feel less pain and discomfort.

I'm feeling hopeful and positive about my future being pain free.

~ Deanna Pelucio

Deanna completed her yoga therapy program and has had NO PAIN in 5 weeks!


She recommends yoga therapy to others like her - those who have tried everything else with little lasting success and those who are having difficulty pin-pointing the cause of their pain through traditional means.

Good work Deanna!!


Stroke Recovery, Depression

"After being diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and dissected artery in June 2012, the surgery to correct caused a stroke on my brain stem which caused temporary paralysis on my entire right side and the loss of touch and feel sensitivity throughout most of my body.

My road to recovery has been difficult with such things as relearning how to walk, functioning independently and doing the many things we each take for granted throughout our lives. However, I have discovered that my path to recovery is not just about regaining control of my muscles and physical strength, but also healing psychologically from the devastating and traumatic effects I work through and fight against each day since my life changed.

Thus far I have taken it upon myself to find better paths of recovery and therapy beyond that which a hospital provides. They include chiropractic care, Pilates, gym workouts, acupuncture, massage therapy and Interactive Metronome training which all stimulate the body, but they don’t stimulate the mind when pain and depression set in as a result of battling something like stroke effects each day.

Yoga Therapy has provided a peace and harmony that allows me to ease my way through the difficult times and to reconnect with a positive attitude as I now move forward more effectively and confidently. For these new tools I am extremely grateful and thankful for Samantha’s expertise."    


~ Jeffrey M., Mooresville

Pre-Operative Knee Surgery

"I have known for years that I would need knee replacement surgery. A torn ACL at age 14, followed by another at 19, 20 and 22 lead to a rebuilt ACL at age 39. Now at 47, a series of small injuries have made the arthritis in my knee impossible to ignore. 

I came to Davidson Yoga Therapy with knee pain and swelling, but also with hip and heel pain on the opposite leg, from constant compensation for my bad knee. I was surprised by how much DYT offered. 

With our first meeting, Samantha brought awareness to muscles and positions that I had lost. She taught me breathing techniques, how to adjust my stance and a series of moves that reduced my hip pain in our first session. 

Each session built on the previous, with emails, videos and sketches of the moves for me to practice at home. While the deterioration of my knee my not be repairable, strengthening the muscles that support it continues to make a difference for me. 

My stance is better, I have greater awareness of how I stand and move that has translated to reduced pain, improved muscle support, improved connection and cooperation between muscle groups and joints, better posture and breathing, greater focus and improved mental balance. 

Sam’s attention and expertise made me feel safe and cared for and her explanations of the moves and muscles gave me confidence and the ability to visualize the connections across my body. The home practice sheets and videos reinforce the new skills I am striving to make a habit in my life. Workshops help me continue to improve and inspire me to keep working to care for myself.   


~ Veronica W., Cornelius


Veronica had a successful surgery, recovered quickly and is back to doing the things that she loves! She  continues to practice her yoga therapy because of the benefits it continues to provide - strength, stability, stretching and centering/peace of mind. 

Congratulations, Veronica!

Migraines and Feeling Stuck

I initially came to Davidson Yoga Therapy at the recommendation of my Therapist, to deal with chronic headaches and neck pain.


Having had these headaches, and related neck pain since 1983, I was somewhat shocked, that in the first week of doing the poses and breathing she suggested, my pain was reduced significantly.


I have been getting regular chiropractic adjustments since 1995, and getting massage work done since 1992, acupuncture treatments sporadically since 1998, and have boosted Pfizer’s stock price substantially from the amount of Advil I have consumed in the last 37 years. These have all given temporary relief from hours to a several days, none have given me as long lasting of a result as yoga therapy.

Through observation of my posture, watching my gate, asking questions, and having me do some diagnostic poses, and listening to what I say that I feel when I do the poses, as well as just being able to read people, Samantha has been tailoring a practice specifically for my needs. Her wisdom when it comes to the body is phenomenal, interestingly, her wisdom of the heart and soul is also remarkable.

I feel blessed to know Samantha, and to be able to work with her. I am very grateful for the help she has given me.


~John B., Charlotte

Traumatic Illness, Amputee

"I became traumatically ill in February of 2013.


As a result of my illness, I suffered damage to my left lung, the loss of both legs below the knee, and understandably, post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Through a program designed specifically for me, I have been able to overcome my physical challenges as bilateral below-the-knee amputee, as well repair emotionally from the trauma surrounding my illness.


By taking advantage of the daily home therapy, breathing practices and lifestyle advice, I feel that I am healthier than ever. I continue to improve daily and plan to use each of the tools that she has given me forever."

~ Martha, Huntersville

Ulcerative Colitis

"Since being diagnosed in 2013, I've seen many doctors, practitioners and therapists. I've been under the care by those who have treated me only as a disease, another patient, or even more like a number.


On the other hand, I've had care where I have felt heard, valued, understood. There is only one care that I've received that I leave actually feeling better; both physically and emotionally. That would be under the care of Samantha, here at Davidson Yoga Therapy.


I can't even put into words that gratitude I feel for finding DYT.


In my experience, Samantha pays attention to every little detail, personalizes the care, truly listens and aims to understand, and seeks out the root cause, not just the symptoms.


You will find that the healing you need most is healing that you resides inside of you.  


~ Casey Jean, Charlotte


....Sam showed me that I DO have control over my pain and that I am able to minimize it and live an almost pain-free life.


She helped me discover the mental sources of my pain and how to heal emotions that caused it. 

The 3-month program started me on a path of self discovery and happiness that has improved my health enormously.   


~Maria, Davidson

"First, Samantha was very accommodating. I had a change in my customer engagement at the last minute, so she arranged her schedule to book back-to-back sessions. I spent an hour and a half with her. At the end, I left two decades of stress in her office. In addition, my back felt better, as did my knee and shoulder. It's been about a month since my visit, I have not done the exercises she gave me to continue (that's on me) and I still do not feel back pain. No chiropractor or PT visit has every accomplished that. In all, I wish I was still traveling to NC so that I could continue my sessions with Sam. What a fantastic experience! I highly recommend it!"

- D. Joseph

"I was diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disease (AS) 4 years ago. The past 3 and a half years have been terrible. I hurt all the time, gained 30 pounds and just did not feel like myself. My rheumatologist mentioned yoga and I immediately thought, Heck No, I am too stiff and would embarrass myself. I tried PT, found that to be boring. I met Sam and she introduced me to her practice and after 1 session, I knew I found what I needed. She taught me not only how to stretch, but more importantly, taught me how to breath and relax again. I have dropped 20 lbs and am back on the golf course! I not only found a way to deal with my condition, I found a friend who really cares. Samantha, I can't thank you enough!!"

- S. Miller

5 Star Google Reviews

"Samantha is an amazing teacher and inspiration. Since I have begun working with her a few months ago, I have learned how to better manage my chronic pain and disabling issues. She provides a calming, relaxing space that helps calm the mind and focus on taking care of myself. I highly recommend her services for anyone looking to manage a chronic condition, manage pain or manage the stresses of everyday life."

- C, Peterson

My daughter suffers from anxiety and depression and we reached out to Samantha in hopes that she could help her. I cannot say enough about Samantha and Davidson Yoga Therapy. My daughter bonded with her easily. She took the time to get to know my daughter and really listen to what she is going through. The techniques Samantha taught her are lifelong and she has put them to use multiple times. I recommend her highly and we will continue to use Davidson Yoga Therapy in the future. If you want someone who really understands and truly wants to help better your life, look no more. This is the place healing begins.

- L, Alden

"I have naturally fused vertebrae in my neck as a result of an accident at 17. I’m 70 now, active and working every day. However I was becoming less flexible and suffering with neck & back pain after activity.


After a few years including several rounds of physical therapy, visits to various doctors and acupuncture I felt like I was still sliding backwards in flexibility. I was told there was no surgery option but I would have avoided surgery if it had been an option.


In an effort to keep what motion I have in my neck & back and at the advice of my doctor I made an appointment with Samantha. From the first visit for consultation she was very professional and through. She answered all my questions an we began working toward improving my well being.


It only took a few visits to realize I had found a solution. Samantha is very knowledgeable and worked with me to find the right stretches and movements that made real improvements. Most important was teaching me the breathing methods that make her therapy and instruction highly effective.


I have more mobility and flexibility than I have had in many years. Take the instruction seriously, work at the movements to insure you are practicing correctly and so you can give real feedback which is critical, breathe as you are taught and practice. Ask questions to make sure you understand. Do all this and absorb what she says - you will be amazed!


Samantha is a pro and I am thankful I was referred to her and very thankful for what she has helped me accomplish.

- A. Page

"I have been seeing Samantha for only a little while and she has already made a huge impact. I struggle with anxiety, depression, depersonalization, derealization, and OCD. I have pretty major trust issues as I often face a lot of feelings of feeling misunderstood and in effect end up disconnecting more and more the longer I know someone, but my experience here has been eye opening.


Samantha has really come to understand me and makes me feel fully comfortable expressing myself. My experience with her as been very freeing. She was very open to trying new strategies fit to my personality.


The term yoga therapy is so much more than I and I believe many others stigmatize it as, just simply doing yoga positions. We talked about my breathing patterns and for me how the use of adrenaline through freeing activities positively effects my state of mind. I would highly suggest making an appointment here. You won't find it to be like anything else you've ever done before. Samantha is truly such a genuine, emphatic, selfless person and she has been a tremendous help, helping me to truly understand myself and the tools I have at hand to cope with.

- B. Alden

5 Star

Social Media Reviews

Samantha at DYT is professional, compassionate, knows her stuff, and is THE BEST yoga therapist. She listens and observes well, and uses her intuition, and has a knack for personalizing the most effective treatment - just for you.


I suffered from tightness in my hips and shoulder tightness and pain from sitting in an office using a computer for most of the day, for years. The breathwork was key to my recovery and the at-home prescribed exercises allowed me to stay focused on my progress with great results.

I have found so much more than I was looking for with Sam and DYT. I went to her for lower back pain issues because of a bulging disc.

I will continue taking Yoga with Sam because she has a natural way with putting people at ease. When she tells you about the type of Yoga she practices it is very obvious that she was called to do this.


Through Sam's guidance and instruction I have learned awareness about my body and my mind. I can't say enough good things about Davidson Yoga Therapy and Samantha Leonard! She is my Yoga Yoda!

The place to go for incredibly skilled, personalized, evidence-based yoga therapy. Sam is incredibly intelligent and caring, and well loved for good reason.

"After dealing with back low back pain for two years and doing everything possible to try and get relief, I finally gave in to spinal fusion surgery. The surgeon finally released me to do light exercise like walking, yoga and pilates but I wasn't sure where to start.

That's when I came across Davidson Yoga Therapy. I wasn't really expecting much since I hadn't any felt better after 3 rounds of physical therapy, 3 sets of spinal injections, and an RF procedure.

My consultation with Samantha made me like her instantly. She was very knowledgable and friendly. I was amazed by how much better I felt after the session. The pain had not gone away but it was better!

Every time I see Samantha it has been a positive experience. It is obvious that she cares so much and I'm so thankful I made that first call!"