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Anxiety Depression ADHD

A personal and professional development workshop 

December 1 2018


@Soful Yoga / Salisbury

$150 - Lunch Provided 

“I’ve tried all kinds of therapy for my anxiety and ADHD. This works!”
~Darla, Davidson, 20 years old.

If you suffer or if you love someone who does, you will not want to miss this opportunity to learn how easy it is to manage your moods and your mental focus - in conjunction with or without medication. No prior experience is necessary!


If you are a behavioral health, allied health, or a yoga professional you will discover how yoga therapy breath and movement interventions help de-link thoughts, moods and behaviors from the physiological sensations of Anxiety, Depression and ADHD, thereby offering new pathways to healing your clients and patients.


This 6 hour workshop will offer an overview of yoga therapy and mental health and general strategies for balancing the autonomic nervous system response (fight/flight, rest/digest). You will also be presented with three real-life case studies along with the interventions that changed their lives.


All participants will receive this excellent instruction, free lunch and

  1. A copy of the presentation

  2. General yoga therapy practice for ANS balance

  3. Guided breathing Mp3 for sleep and

  4. Yoga therapy for anxiety (practice and pranayama)

  5. Yoga therapy for depression (practice and pranayama)

  6. Yoga therapy for ADHD (practice and pranayama)

  7. An offer for a free 30 minute consultation with Davidson Yoga Therapy


Samantha Leonard is the founder and creative director of The South East Institute for Yoga Therapy Studies and Davidson Yoga Therapy, with over 10K hours of experience addressing conditions from back pain to anxiety, from ulcerative colitis to ankylosing spondylitis, from diabetes to depression for Davidson College, Carolina Medical Center/Atrium, The Sanger Heart Clinic, Levine Cancer Institute, and the National Association of Social Workers

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