"the yoga therapy components of this course(s) are based on Samantha's qualifications as a CIAYT with over 20K hours of education and experience, not derived from our status as an RYS® with Yoga Alliance Registry." 

Learn Adaptive Yoga For Essential Health 

An RYT 200 Yoga Certification Program for Adults with Aches, Pains and Conditions

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Live and Trust Your Story Fully

You want, more than anything, to understand yourself and your relationship to the world at a deeper level. You want to learn how to manage your physical/mental/emotional states and how to influence your health in practical and immediate ways. 

You want to know that both your pains and your joys are meaningful in the larger story of life.

Collectively, each of us is coming to a realization that we must learn to adapt to the changing and uncertain circumstances of our world. 

We feel the urge - more than ever before - that we MUST become more self reliant and resilient. Without question, we understand that we need to take better care over our mental health, our physical and spiritual well-being. 


But how?  


Introducing Adaptive Yoga for Essential Well-Being

An empowering personal and professional development program

I present this material to you, having evolved it over the past 10 years of trainings. What I have found is that my audience has always been comprised of people who were hurting and interested in learning to use yoga as therapy. 

This program is for you if....
  • you are depressed and have trouble sleeping

  • you are anxious and have a weakened immune system

  • you have back pain, love yoga and feel a lack of resources appropriate for you

  • you are a yoga or medical professional and want better skills to help your clients

  • you are troubled and want to feel a greater connection to your spiritual source

  • you want to immerse yourself in an authentic yoga lineage that is both heart felt and science based.

Pre-covid19 /  Post-covid19

I traditionally teach it in person to small, cultivated group of participants. In the current environment of Covid 19 I realize that there are many of you out there, stuck at home and seeking out quality, practical, transformative experience. I am adapting to meet your needs with this new, all-virtual training. 


What's unique

There are many online teacher training programs springing up all over the internet, promising high quality vinyasa teacher education. This program is not like any of them. This program presents the fundamentals of yoga therapy for holistic healthcare taught by Samantha Leonard, CIAYT Viniyoga Therapist. I have the experience, the education, the skill set and the wisdom compiled over 20K hours and over 30 years of practice. 


Why this is a better online teacher training than others

This form of yoga is not 'form based'. That is, you will never have to wonder if 'I'm doing it right' since Samantha is not there in the room watching you. It is AWARENESS based. The posture (asana) blossoms as a result of the breath - so it's very easy to learn and easier to teach than 'form based' yoga!

The Lineage

This approach to Yoga adapts the tools and techniques of yoga to the needs of the individual and to the needs of the whole group. It is in line with the teachings of  Viniyoga™, transmitted by Gary Kraftsow of the American Viniyoga Institute who's teacher was TKV Desikachar, the son of “the father of modern yoga,” T Krishnamacharya and is a comprehensive methodology.


It is distinguished from other forms of yoga with:

  • true, breath-centric movement - you will never be cued to remember to breathe because your movement will originate from inhale and exhale.

  • postures are repeated and held in various ways to produce particular structural, mental/emotional and physiological effects

  • instruction of postures is rarely about the form of the posture, but about the postures function on the human performing it

  • every element in a practice is intentional, from the number of repetitions, to how the breath is counted to where you put your mental focus

  • every element in a practice can be adapted to meet the needs and abilities of every practitioner

  • elements in practice are comprehensive and can include asana, pranayama, meditation, sound, yoga philosophy, nyasa, mudra and more


The trademark for the term, Viniyoga is the property of Gary Kraftsow and the American Viniyoga Institute.


Program Components

It's for "Virtually" Anyone!

Philosophy / History

Comparative spiritualism

Cakra theory

Yoga Sutras

History of Yogic Practice


Lifestyle / Ayurveda


Learn the five directions of movement and their actual purpose (hint - it ain't about doing a pose the 'right' way). Learn how movement affects awareness, physiology, breath and mind. 

Get a full Yoga For Back Care 3 video program complete with yoga teacher materials

Advanced Pranayama

Learn master breathing techniques that will help you manage energy, lift spirits, ease depression, create focus and stillness for prayer and meditation


A comprehensive module on yoga therapeutics for back pain including 3 progressive yoga therapy videos. Protocols are based on NIH research

**Access to Leslie Kaminoff's 20 Hour Online Yoga Anatomy Course for an extra $250 fee - required for Yoga Alliance RYT 200 eligibility

Business of Yoga

If you decide you want to teach you'll want to know how. 

All the technology, marketing and writing experience you need!

Advanced Yoga of the Mind

Meditation.... prayer... find out how yoga philosophy supports you getting closer to your chosen spiritual source to find meaning and purpose in your life and greater connection with the world around you

Get a full yoga therapy for anxiety video, pdf and teacher materials

More Video Testimonials...
Trauma-Informed Yoga Practice for
Bio-Pscycho-Social Health

Adaptive Yoga for Essential Health is trauma informed yoga and emphasizes how the 'issues in the tissues' are influenced by the way we choose to move and breathe and place our minds. 


I teach the fundamental principles of mind/body using models of neuroscience, developmental psychology, and interpersonal neurobiology.

You will come to a deep understanding of how you can influence your own direction of though, nervous system, pulmonary and cardiac health, and immune function with simple yoga therapy practices.

Written Testimonials


This has been such a great experience in my personal life. I feel that I have gone from having no experience at all to understanding the science of yoga in depth. Sam's level of expertise is phenomenal. She equipped me with new tools to use in my personal practice, and new techniques to get the best results for my students. Thank you for being such an authentic and reliable source!!!!

- Santa B. Charlotte

Program Details

It's for "Virtually" Anywhere!

200 Total Hours

  • Transcending Yoga Alliance RYT 200 standards to include yoga therapy protocols for conditions

  • Program developed over 10 years of evolving material

  • Watch from any device whenever you want at the pace that's right for you. 

Split into10 Modules

  • Start any time

  • Self Paced

  • 10 Sections / 4 Modules in Each Section / approximately 5 hours in each Lesson

  • Take as long as 2 years to complete

  • Live monthly instruction (recorded and on-demand)

  • Video classes and pdfs, slideshow/lectures 

Bonus Materials

  • World-class manual

  • Workshop on scribing

  • Workbook style asana templates

  • Monthly therapeutic breathing lessons

  • Self-paced E-Modules for SMART Sequencing, Business of Yoga 

  • Yoga for Back Care: a 3 video series, PDFs, and bonus teacher training material

  • Yoga for Anxiety: video, PDF and bonus teacher training material 

  • PDFs of every asana class in the program

Currently Registering

  • Register whenever you're ready!

  • No deposit required

  • Full tuition was $3250.

  • Pay in full for $1500 and gift the program to someone you know who is ill and wants to empower themselves and their health through yoga therapy. ​

    • The recipient of such a scholarship will have full access to the whole training plus all free classes, but in order to register for graduation will need to pay $250 to DYT and also pay for and complete the Leslie Kaminoff Yoga Anatomy course $250. They will be able to purchase privates with Sam for a discounted rate of $65. ​

The Yoga Alliance has announced that they will accept RYT 200 applicants who have completed a virtual training such as this as long as the program is completed by the end of 2021. 

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