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Yoga Challenge

5 Days of Movement Delivered to Your Inbox

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Kundalini Yoga Meditation

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Breath Challenge

9 Days of Breath Practice 

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Meditating at Home

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Meditation Challenge

5 Days of Meditation to

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Here's an opportunity to experience what a therapeutic yoga class or personal practice might be. 

Your back, neck, and stress will thank you! 

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Meditating at Home

Mindfulness Unfolding

A mini-course that builds

  • Valuable mindfulness skills that take you from distracted and dissatisfied to focused and content.

  • Transformative breath practices that foster courage, promote relaxation and reduce stress

  • And thaws your stressed-out, locked-up physical holding patterns.

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Your Yoga Therapy Mini-Course

This amazing online yoga therapy mini-course is designed to help you uncover the power of yoga therapy, and provide you with the foundational principles needed to build a transformational home practice.


Learn how to master basic postures, breathing, and meditation techniques to ease pain, manage your energy, and master your mood. 


Through bite-sized focus on anatomy, philosophy, and subtle body techniques, you will be equipped with the knowledge to craft an incredibly effective practice that meets your needs and helps you live the life you want.


Whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding of yoga or find a solution to physical pain or mental stress, this course will open up a world of possibilities. Let us guide your journey into yoga therapy so that you can achieve your goals and feel more connected to your body and mind.


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Get certified to teach and join our growing community of heart-centered uber-healers

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Sams' Signature Course

The 200 Hour Transformation