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  • 30 Years of Practice

  • 30K Hours Training/Experience

  • 15 Years of Training Professionals

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Something for Everyone! 

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Resources Appropriate for Everyone





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Yoga Challenge

5 Days of Movement Delivered to Your Inbox

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Kundalini Yoga Meditation

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Breath Challenge

5 Days of Breath Practice 

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Meditating at Home

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Meditation Challenge

5 Days of Meditation 

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Here's an opportunity to experience what a therapeutic yoga class or personal practice might be. 

Your back, neck, and stress will thank you! 

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Meditating at Home


Mindfulness Unfolding

A mini-course that builds

  • Valuable mindfulness skills that take you from distracted and dissatisfied to focused and content.

  • Transformative breath practices that foster courage, promote relaxation and reduce stress

  • And thaws your stressed-out, locked-up physical holding patterns.


Get certified to teach and join our growing community of heart-centered uber-healers

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Sams' Signature Course

The 200 Hour Transformation



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Personal stories of recovery & hope for a better future with Yoga Therapy

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"After being diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and dissected artery in June 2012, the surgery to correct caused a stroke on my brain stem which caused temporary paralysis on my entire right side and the loss of touch and feel sensitivity throughout most of my body.

My road to recovery has been difficult with such things as relearning how to walk, functioning independently and doing the many things we each take for granted throughout our lives. However, I have discovered that my path to recovery is not just about regaining control of my muscles and physical strength, but also healing psychologically from the devastating and traumatic effects I work through and fight against each day since my life changed.

Thus far I have taken it upon myself to find better paths of recovery and therapy beyond that which a hospital provides. They include chiropractic care, Pilates, gym workouts, acupuncture, massage therapy and Interactive Metronome training which all stimulate the body, but they don’t stimulate the mind when pain and depression set in as a result of battling something like stroke effects each day.

Yoga Therapy has provided a peace and harmony that allows me to ease my way through the difficult times and to reconnect with a positive attitude as I now move forward more effectively and confidently. For these new tools I am extremely grateful and thankful for Samantha’s expertise."    


~ Jeffrey M., Mooresville

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