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Welcome to the Movement Challenge!

An easy, adaptive exploration of the poses to increase your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness

You are ready to start exploring movement for your muscles and bones to begin getting a handle on your health. 

This is the most important moment of your journey! Let's get started! 
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"I've been studying yoga under the brilliant teachings of Sam and DYT.

The subtle, and powerful lessons I've been exposed to continue to transform my body, mind, and spirit.


Layer by layer I continue to explore relationships, awareness, balance, acceptance, freedom, and the power and courage to explore.

Dani Angell - Photographer and Health Coach


My name is Samantha Leonard

And I teach people just like you with: 

  • nagging neck pain

  • aching lower backs

  • trouble falling asleep

  • trouble staying awake during the day 

  • difficulty navigating a diagnosis and the symptoms

  • wanting to live a more purposeful life

  • and more


It all starts with movement. This is where you can create patterns that your animal brain will recognize and the result is feeling safer, less pain, more embodied, more fulfilled. 


Movement is where the journey to inner peace begins. And this course gives you the perfect starting point. 

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Right now you might be thinking

No experience? No problem.

The practices are designed for all levels.

Can't get down on the floor to do yoga? No problem. 

Each video will have floor, chair, and sometimes table versions of each pose. 

Wisdom and questions they may need answers to 

Our Annual


By the end of this program you will have

skills to go to any yoga class safely

Most of all

This is what the program does for you

Promised Outcome

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