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The Breathing Circle - Foundations

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A man on a beach breathing deeply. Davidson Yoga Therapy, the Breathing Circle.


A foundational study of the infinite power of breath practice for healing our pasts, and shaping our health, our lives, our world, and our futures. In the Breathing Circle, you will establish a daily breathing habit using the latest in the art/science of behavior change. You will cultivate the priceless qualities of compassion, curiosity, tolerance, and sincerity which are essential attitudes if you really want these healing hacks to have a meaningful and lasting impact. You will also learn meditation/movement/breathing techniques for centering, stress/anxiety/pain reduction. The program is self-paced, but created as a 4 week immersion. Each week/module offers an exciting, thought-provoking personal development workbook, a meditation, a breathing practice, and a yoga practice themed for that week's journey.

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