How yoga isn't about stretching your hamstrings. 

Jun 07, 2021
How Sam made sense of her own human conditions by learning yoga therapy.


In Episode 026, the Thanksgiving edition of A Medicinal Mind: Wisdom and Wellbeing I share space with one of the most creative, curious, and supportive souls in my life, the owner and healer behind Davidson Yoga Therapy, Samantha Leonard.

In addition to her work with Davidson Yoga Therapy, Samantha is the founder and creative director of Adaptive Yoga For Essential Well Being and has led education, professional development, and mind-body wellness programming for fortune 500 companies, top 10 colleges, major healthcare systems of the southeast, heart clinics, national social work associations, and cancer centers.  As part of her thriving practice with Davidson Yoga Therapy, she works with people with conditions from ulcerative colitis and ischemic stroke, to anxiety to ALS, diabetes to back pain.

As you will hear in the podcast, the intersection of my healing journey both professionally and personally with that of Samantha’s is beyond rational explanation. First connecting as part of an initial session of the American Viniyoga Institute's Yoga Teacher Training, we have continued to remain close, tied geographically by the shared homes of my grandparents and Samantha in Davidson, North Carolina.

When we seek to understand our conditions we have an opportunity to become an active partner with our healthcare advocates. 

I welcome the opportunity to hear your story and work with you and your whole team so that you may live your best life possible 

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