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Davidson Yoga Therapy Presents

The Southeast Institute of Yoga Therapy Studies™
Get Certified 2019

"Samantha provides a wonderful environment and uses her considerable experience and depth of knowledge to guide each student on his/her own personal heartfelt journey of self discovery and professional development.  We were learned that yoga is a science that can literally change our bodies and minds and our relationships with the world around us. She makes us better teachers.


Taking this journey with Samantha was the best decision I have ever made!"

Lynn Parker 
Charlotte, NC

If you are

a yoga teacher, a massage therapist, a behavioral health or allied health professional or a complete novice, you will find opportunities for education and professional development that surpass the current standards for yoga education and prepare you for a future of working 'beyond the yoga studio' paradigm. 

Become a Trained Professional

The Southeast Institute of Yoga Therapy Studies is dedicated to education, research and professional development. 


Every year I select handful of professionals to participate in an advanced yoga therapeutics certification program. This year I will be able to accommodate 9 people in a program that adapts to each individual's experience, profession and direction.

Per the Yoga Alliance Yoga Therapy Compliance Policy:
“The yoga therapy components of this course is based on Samantha Leonard's status as a C-IAYT member, not derived from her status as an RYS with Yoga Alliance.”
See what this year's graduates had to say...

I completed the 200 RYT with Sam, this has been such a great experience in my personal life. I feel that I have gone from having no experience at all to understanding the science of yoga in depth. Sam's level of expertise is phenomenal. During our private sessions she equipped me with new tool to use in my personal practice, and new techniques to get the best results for my students. Thank you for being such an authentic and reliable source!!!!

~Santa, B. Charlotte

Transforming Lives, Communities and the Yoga Industry

Davidson Yoga Therapy's advanced therapeutic yoga teacher certification program is intensive and challenging, requiring focus, energy and a willingness to do deep inner work in order to realize your potential, both personally and professionally.

This program is for you if you want to:

  1. harness the epic transformational powers of yoga - adapted to YOU.

  2. intelligently craft your home practice, classes, workshops, and private sessions for your future target audience that give real results - not just an experience or a workout.

  3. build an ideal business that brings you a ROI (return on investment) and gives you financial freedom.

And you are an ideal candidate if you want to learn it all in a highly personalized and encouraging environment, rich with resources from the world's greatest teachers.


1. Develop a Daily Practice

​The first priority of this program is to turn you into a daily practitioner of yoga. You will receive detailed instruction on HOW and WHY to practice elements of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation to develop:


  1. Your physical body and address common aches and pains like low back pain and neck pain - and supercharge your vitality.

  2. Your energy. Become more alive, alert, awake and aware. Address common mental/ emotional conditions that pull you off course like anxiety and depression.

  3. Your intention. Understand deeply who you are and what the purpose of you life is.


This home practice setting is the pressure cooker for your future teaching career. There you will experiment and grow and develop a deep authentic knowing about the tools of "practical' yoga and how to adapt them to your changing condition.​


You will get private yoga therapy sessions throughout the course to ensure you are getting the most out of your personal practice.

2. Develop a Teaching Practice

Learning to teach is not simply gaining an understanding of how to cue someone to do a pose. It's how to read the stories you observe on student's bodies, pace of speech, eye contact, etc, and then adapting the practice to meet his/her individual needs. This will set you apart in your future as a teacher.


We will focus on skills needed to teach special populations. The program contains instruction on teaching

  1. Aging populations

  2. Neck Pain / Back Pain

  3. Anxiety / Depression

  4. Corporate Yoga


In addition to these groups, there will be opportunity to gain insight, skills and strategies to address the needs and goals of YOUR ideal target population.


This program will mold to you and give you the skills to teach "practically anyone".

3. Develop Your Career

Do your research. How much time are other teacher trainings devoting toward developing your skills in the business of yoga? It is a focal point of this training and will get the same individualized attention as your personal and teaching practice.


You will be inspired to

  1. define your ideal target client and a business model to fit your lifestyle, dreams and potential.

  2. intelligently craft products around the special needs of this target

  3. build a successful marketing strategy and sales funnel around expertly written adcopy

  4. design the look and feel of your business in print and online marketing 

  5. develop a beautiful website

  6. take your business practically anywhere you want to go


This exciting portion of the training will redefine the current U.S. yoga business model of the studio and the gym. How far you will take it is entirely up to you and how big you can dream.



January 18-19

February 15-17

March 8-10

April 12-14

May 17-19

June 14-16

July 12-14

August 16-18

September 13-15

October 11-13

November 15-17 (Make Up Weekend)

What if I have schedule conflicts?


Transcending Current 

Yoga Alliance Standards

Advanced Anatomy

Learn the science behind 

back and neck pain.

Graduates of this program will be trained to deliver a fully developed 3 part Back Pain Series based on research out of the National Institute of Health *complete with marketing materials, teacher manual, student handouts and physician letters. 

Advanced Pranayama

Not all yoga is truly breath centered. In this program you will learn how movement develops your breath.


You will learn master breathing techniques that directly affect your physiology: your anxiety/depression, digestion, quality of sleep, focus and clarity and more!

Advanced Yoga of Mind

Ayurveda is the
science of the body. 

Yoga is actually
the science of mind. 

This program deep dives into the science of how practices of the body and breath serve to cleanse and transform your deepest self in the context of both ancient (subtle anatomy) and modern (social/psycho/neuro) thought models 

Additional Curriculum

The Business of Yoga

Get a return on your investment. 

Many yoga professionals struggle to get teaching experience after they graduate other programs. They struggle to find their client base in what has become a 'sea of sameness' in the yoga community.

This curriculum features the culmination of thousands of hours (and many thousands of dollars) in business coaching, marketing experiments and technical training. 

By the time you graduate you will know exactly what kind of business you want to run, precisely who it is you alone are destined to teach, and how to reach them. You will have a 'brand' of your own complete with logo, killer adcopy and website. 

And all of this is being delivered by one of the very few yoga professionals out there today who is making a full-time living doing it all on her own AND raising two kids OUTSIDE the current yoga studio/gym model. 

About Samantha


Reiki Level 1 Certification

You'll learn the history of Reiki & the Reiki hand positions, how to effectively conduct a Reiki self-treatment, how to effectively give a Reiki treatment to others, Japanese Reiki Techniques as taught by Dr. Usui, giving and receiving of energy healing via group experiences and practice developing your intuition detecting energy blockages & clearing energy fields


You'll also get a comprehensive 179 page manual & completion certificate On-going instructor support following the class, plus optional volunteer & Reiki energy sharing opportunities to support your continued growth and proficiency A significant discount on a future Reiki Level 2 Practitioner class to take your energy healing & learning to the next level The ability to give yourself, family and friends Reiki energy treatments


This class is taught by founder and owner of Energy Rapport / Live Amazing LLC, Kathy Zering. Kathy is a Certified Usui Holy Fire & Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Energy Healing Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, and Success & Life Coach.

“If you’re looking for a place to practice and learn about all aspects of yoga and its benefits, or for a truly individualized therapeutic program from a compassionate, intuitive expert in yoga therapy to help in managing anxiety, depression, physical challenges, or personal and professional growth on your path, I have learned from my own experience that Samantha is the one to turn to!
She brings a wealth of experience, training, and an open-hearted approach to helping you heal and grow. Samantha listens, she hears what you need, and she delivers! She is truly on the cutting edge of a more realistic, holistic approach to healing, than many other modalities out there.
As a psychotherapist, I highly recommend her and her approach to my clients, as I, myself, have benefitted so much from her experience, knowledge, and willingness to share!”
~Sherry Tarner, Charlotte

The Cost

You Get:


  • Curriculum that transcends the Yoga Alliance Standards for RYT 200 Certification


VALUE $2,900


  • Private yoga therapy to help you metabolize the lessons and realize your personal goals.

VALUE $600

  • Private business mentoring on how to craft classes, workshops and privates to meet your ideal client's needs, build a thriving business and realize your professional dreams.​


VALUE $3,000

  • Teacher training on MyBackPainGuru, Master Your Pain 3-Part Series based on research conducted by the National Institute of Health. Teacher manual, student handouts, marketing materials, logo etc.

VALUE $300

  • Lifetime access to Leslie Kaminoff's Yoga Anatomy 10 hour online course. 

 VALUE $500

  • Career enhancing reiki level 1 training with discounts on further certifications


VALUE $200


Total Value / + $6,300

Your Cost / Only $3,100

+ the cost of required materials (about $60)

  • $500 non-refundable deposit gets you lifetime access to Leslie Kaminoff's 10 hour online Yoga Anatomy Training.

  • Pay only $2, 900 if paid in full by November 1st, 2018

  • Payment plan available with an administration fee

  • All payments are non-refundable


Only 9 applicants will be considered for the 2019 SEIYTS program.