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In case of emergencies, contact: (name, relationship, phone number)

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Where did you hear of this program?


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If you answered "Friend/Associate or Other" in the last question, please let us know whom to thank, or where you heard about the program. 

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When did you begin your yoga practice? Who/what inspired you? What kept you coming back?

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Tell us more about your RYT 200 experience. What yoga school did you attend? What did you enjoy about it? Where did you feel you could have used more instruction? 

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Share some books on yoga that you have read or yoga workshops outside your RYT 200 you have taken.

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Tell us more about your post 200-hour teaching experience! Have you had time to teach since graduation? Have you been teaching classes? 1-1s? Workshops? 

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Tell us more about your desire to learn yoga therapeutics, whether it is a personal reason/condition or a desire to work with others.

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If you are applying for the $500 scholarship please answer: What is your personal/financial situation? I really want to give these scholarships to someone who could really use a leg up in the world. If that's you, let me know about it! 

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If you are or could be an expert in some area of yoga, health, fitness, spirit and were offered an opportunity to give a 30-minute public speech about it, what might that topic be? 

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What is your vision of your life/health/career when you graduate the Adaptive Yoga For Essential Well Being RYT 300 Course? 

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Do you have any health issues that you haven't mentioned yet? Anything you would need a physician's release for? 

Do you have any food allergies? We would like to know as we will be providing snacks and occasional lunches! 

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Thank you for your application! 

This final section is for you to tell us anything else you want us to know about you. 

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