Adaptive Yoga For Essential Well Being 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification

For yoga teachers with a sincere desire to learn therapeutic yoga for themselves, for working 1-1 with clients, or in therapeutic groups with special conditions.

Learn true therapeutic yoga from a highly experienced CIAYT, yoga therapist, and public health educator, Samantha Leonard. 

In this program, you will gain a masters-level, working knowledge of the use and teaching of the following tools of therapeutic yoga

  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Yamas & Niyamas
  • Kriyas
  • Bandhas
  • Vayus
  • Chakras
  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle
  • Dharna/Dhyana
  • Chanting/Prayer/Meditation
  • The anatomy 

And you will learn how to ethically conduct 1:1 therapeutic yoga sessions for clients and groups, intelligently crafting evidence-based and results-driven practices using theses tools in the context of the following conditions:

Structural Yoga
back, neck, shoulders, knee, hip conditions

Anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use disorders, ADHD

Autoimmune disorders such as fibro, IBS/IBD, cancer symptoms, chronic pain, diabetes and metabolic disorders, Parkinsons, **ALS

Time of Life:
Menopause, End of life

Special focus will be paid to evolving this knowledge in the crucible of your own home practice - so if you suffer, this is the perfect program for you. 

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Asana / Movement

Evidence-based and results-driven protocols for structural health. The emphasis on adaptations is what differentiates this form of yoga and creates such high therapeutic value.


The science of breathing for balancing emotional and physiological conditions. Emphasis is placed on developing breath assessment skills to target specific health outcomes. 


We'll explore these specialized cleansing practices in layers with asana and pranayama 


Specialized practices oriented toward building, preserving, refining and circulating energy. 


The yogic model of physiology. We'll explore how layering in this knowledge in practice to experience the vayus can create shifts in health and well-being.


We'll explore this ancient map of personal and transpersonal transformation. Learn techniques for assessing and strategies for using these powerful symbols in personal and transpersonal transformation. 

Ayurvedic Lifestyle

We'll dive into your dosha (your Ayurvedic body type) and develop clear, accessible strategies for balancing lifestyle and your conditions! 

Sarah Faircloth, M.A.

"Samantha is the real deal. It’s refreshing to find someone so humble who possesses this caliber of expertise. 

She is a consummate student of yoga. Yet her wisdom invites you in, rather than intimidates. Her practice is rooted in evidence-based methods that help people out of physical and/or emotional pain. 

I recommend her to my counseling clients and yoga students. I wouldn’t hesitate to call her a preeminent yoga healer in the southeast. 

Few practicing yoga professionals have this level of qualification, dedication, compassion, and commitment to truly helping people."

What is Unique?

This program presents more advanced yoga therapy methodology for holistic healthcare taught by Samantha Leonard, CIAYT Viniyoga Therapist. 

I have the experience, the education, the skill set, and wisdom compiled over 22K hours of training and experience in working with these populations, 10 years teaching yoga and health professionals, plus over 30 years of practice.

If you want to create a career in an evidence-based healing field with a proven lineage, start here.

Per Yoga Alliance standards, yoga programs cannot use the words therapy/therapeutic or refer to health in any way unless they are led by someone with a therapist education.  

10 Modules


  • 10 months
  • 27 hours per month of in-class work 
    • Thursday 5-8 (can be zoom) 
    • Friday 5-9
    • Saturday 7-6
    • Sunday 8-5
  • Lots of restorative work and time for reflection, socialization, music, and fun over these long weekends! 
  • Miss up to 2.5 weekends  and still graduate (with some extra homework, time with Sam, and potential added fee)
  • 50 hours of online, on-demand pre-training will be required if you did not graduate from my RYT 200 program.  It's called the Bridge and there will be an added $100 fee for this ($500 value)

"....Sam showed me that I DO have control over my pain and that I am able to minimize it and live an almost pain-free life.

She helped me discover the sources of my pain and how to heal the underlying emotions that contributed to it. 

The program she created for me started me on a path of self-discovery and happiness that has improved my health enormously. 

Maria, Davidson

Dates: 2022

This program is an unfolding methodology: each weekend is built upon the knowledge gained in the previous module. 

This unfolding methodology differentiates this program from other a la carte style formats, allowing for the most thorough foundation of experience and knowledge.


Feb 17-20
March 17-20
April 14-17
May 12-15
June 16-19
July 14-17
August 18-21
September 15-18
October 13-16
November 10-13
Make-Up Weekend (TBD)

How to apply

Fill out the form below.

A limited number of applicants will be interviewed and accepted into the program to ensure that each receives the most mentorship time with Sam. 



Non-refundable deposit of $500 (get bridge program access immediately)

Full tuition $4,250 

Get the early bird price of $4000 by paying in full by October 15th, 2021

Or pay a $500 deposit and 9 payments of 420. 

The Adam Morris Pay-It-Forward fund makes it possible for me to award 2 partial scholarships. These will be awarded based on the particular needs and intentions of the applicant as illustrated in your application.

Thank you for your faith and generosity, Adam! 

Do you have additional questions? 

Tell me a bit more about you and ask anything you'd like. 

Martha Nauman

"I became traumatically ill in February of 2013.

As a result of my illness, I suffered damage to my left lung, the loss of both legs below the knee, and understandably, post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Through a program designed specifically for me, I have been able to overcome my physical challenges as a bilateral below-the-knee amputee, as well as repair emotionally from the trauma surrounding my illness.

By taking advantage of the daily home therapy, breathing practices, and lifestyle advice, I feel that I am healthier than ever. I continue to improve daily and plan to use each of the tools that she has given me forever."



Imagine the inspiring stories your clients will tell when they experience the power and wisdom of these practices. 

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