Adaptive Yoga For Essential Well Being

An empowering personal and professional development, online yoga teacher certification program

This material has evolved over 11 years of training current/future yoga teachers, health professionals, and others with an interest in the healing arts.

My audience has always been comprised of people who were hurting and interested in learning to use yoga as therapy to transcend these conditions.

This program is for you if you want to learn yoga, become a yoga professional, and also if you happen to be: 

  • depressed and have trouble sleeping
  • you are anxious and have a weakened immune system
  • you have back pain, love yoga and feel a lack of resources appropriate for you
  • you are a yoga or medical professional and want better skills to help your clients
  • you are troubled and want to feel a greater connection to your spiritual source
  • you want to immerse yourself in an authentic yoga lineage that is both heartfelt and evidence-based.


**This course is taught by a yoga therapist and therefore can lay claim to therapeutic advantages (per Yoga Alliance requirements) where other RYT 200 programs cannot. 


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What is Unique?

There are many online teacher training programs that promise a studio-style, vinyasa teacher education. This program is not like any of them. This program presents the fundamentals of yoga therapy for holistic healthcare taught by Samantha Leonard, CIAYT Viniyoga Therapist. 

I have the experience, the education, the skill set, and wisdom compiled over 10 years in business, and over 30 years of practice.

"I’ve been studying yoga under the brilliant teachings of Sam and DYT.  

The subtle, deep, complex, powerful lessons I’ve been exposed to continue to transform body, mind, and spirit. They illuminate a path of transformation and liberation and take my photography to the next level.

Layer by layer I continue to explore light and shadow, relationships, awareness, balance, acceptance, freedom, and the power and courage to explore.   

I am beyond humbled and grateful to be on this journey!

"-Dani Angell, Photographer


Learn the five directions of movement and their actual purpose (hint - it ain't about doing a pose the 'right' way). Learn how movement affects awareness, physiology, breath, and mind.


You'll get so many class videos and stick-figure class plan sheets, you'll never run out of inspiration. 


Learn master breathing techniques that will help you manage energy, lower anxiety/stress, lift spirits, ease depression, create focus and stillness for prayer and meditation

Get a full yoga therapy for anxiety video, pdf and teacher materials



Meditation.... prayer... find out how yoga philosophy supports you getting closer to your chosen spiritual source to find meaning and purpose in your life and greater connection with the world around you.



A comprehensive module on yoga therapeutics for back pain including 3 progressive yoga therapy videos. Protocols are based on NIH research

**Access to Leslie Kaminoff's 20 Hour Online Yoga Anatomy Course for an extra $250 fee - required for Yoga Alliance RYT 200 eligibility


Comparative spiritualism, Chakra theory, Yoga Sutras, History of Yogic Practice, Meditation, Lifestyle / Ayurveda


If you decide you want to teach you'll want to know how!

All the ethics of business, technology, marketing and writing experience you need!


This training emphasizes how the 'issues in the tissues' are influenced by the way we choose to move and breathe and place our minds and live our lives. 

I teach the fundamental principles of mind/body using models of neuroscience, developmental psychology, and interpersonal neurobiology.

You will come to a deep understanding of how you can influence your own direction of thought, nervous system, pulmonary and cardiac health, and immune function with simple yoga therapy practices.

What you get


  • Start whenever you like
  • Self Paced
  • Access to a growing library of online classes
  • Class plans pdfs, slideshow/lectures
  • World-class manual
  • Workshop on scribing
  • Workbook style asana templates
  • Yoga for Back Care: a 3 video series, PDFs, and bonus teacher training material
  • Yoga for Anxiety: video, PDF, and bonus teacher training material



No deposit required

Full tuition was $3250

Online only - $675

Live coaching from Sam to answer questions about the training, give yoga therapy advice on how to effectively train specific populations or talk about how to maximize your business reach. $95 per session

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